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The Mythic Fire Association

The Mythogenic Institute is a "non-guru" oriented fellowship (open to men & women) of people who are dedicated to research, education and exploration of the fields of Myth, Mythology, Mythic Studies, Mythography, Mythic applications and other related areas of inquiry. Each member of the fellowship is a teacher, trainer and consultant in the mythic life and in their particular areas of expertise. All are welcome to apply for fellowship, there are no credentials or special requirements

While founded on the principles developed by Director, G. Charles Andersen, the Mythogenic Institute welcomes all mythic perspectives without privileging any one particular point of view. Though mythic material has undoubted psycho-therapeutic applications, the field is much larger in scope and importance than any single approach. The primary theoretical infrastructure of the Mythogenic Institute is available online for anyone to explore and critique (see Core Concepts & Mythic Universe).

Although the Mythogenic Institute offers courses, conferences, seminars, workshops and other learning experiences, there are no degree programs offered. Experience has shown that degree programs limit dialogue. growth and free inquiry. At the Mythogenic Institute, everyone is a "somebody." Each interchange can be valuable (or threatening) to those involved. All members are provided an opportunity to share their work and ideas as teachers through one or more of the available channels of communication. The most effective teachers will undoubtedly be offered an opportunity for remuneration.

To learn more about membership, the Institute, and registration--please feel free to explore the website.

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